Energy Management

What is Energy Management?


Tracking Your Energy

We use proven technology used by the likes of Npower, the Cabinet Office, the National football Centre and various NHS Trusts, Local Authorities and educational establishments, so you can feel confident that the solutions we offer have already been tried and tested by some of the UK’s most trusted institutions.

This technology will allow you to track your energy use and identify opportunities where cost or CO2 savings can be made. The way it works is by data being extracted from the installed meters via a data logger that collates and sends half-hourly data over a multi-network GPRS SIM card on a day + 1 basis, via a Local Data Concentrator.

This data is then clearly presented via our web-portal in an easy to use format.

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Our Value to You

Experienced, motivated professionals, providing you with:

Solar PV maintenance & cleaning

ISO 14001/ISO 50001 reporting

 Increased export rates (up to 25% increase)

Energy management

Asset maintenance

CO2 reporting

PPA billing

Cost cutting

Bill validation

Our easy solutions cover it all.

Online portal available in all languages **

** (apart from Arabic & Japanese – we’re working on it!)

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