Over the last few months Helios have discovered that the frequency of Ofgem audits on Solar installations has increased, especially for companies that have had their PV systems installed by installers that have now gone out of business. M3 Solutions being a particular example.

If the Auditers (usually Black & Veatch) are unable to provide Ofgem with the necessary information it could result in customers losing their feed-in-tariffs for the remainder of the life of the system.

This would undoubtedly result in a huge financial loss for most businesses.

Much of the paperwork required by Ofgem/Black & Veatch can be frustratingly unobtainable, however Helios have recently met with the Insolvency Practitioner for M3 Solutions and can access the files of 216 M3 clients, provided a Letter of Authority can be provided, to assess whether the information held is as required by Ofgem to continue paying feed-in-tariffs.

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