Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Example of a “self-cleaning” panel 4 years after installation.

For years, solar panels were sold as being “self-cleaning”. Maintenance of them was not required.

However, as the years have passed it has become more apparent that to keep solar panels clean and free from obstruction, whether from bird guano, salt, dust or a build-up of dirt over time, they need to be cleaned.

Usually on an annual basis by suitably qualified personnel.

This ensures that the warranty conditions and the performance of the panels are maintained in line with expectations.

How We Clean Your Panels

Helios clean your solar panels in line with your manufacturer’s Installation & Maintenance Guidelines and use teams of highly trained personnel who have cleaned over 900,000 panels to date which means that your system is in the safest of hands and will be cleaned professionally.

All relevant Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) will be provided to you for approval before we set foot on site, thereby ensuring a safe and professional solar panel cleaning experience for you every year.

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Our Value to You

Experienced, motivated professionals, providing you with:

Solar PV maintenance & cleaning

ISO 14001/ISO 50001 reporting

 Increased export rates (up to 25% increase)

Energy management

Asset maintenance

CO2 reporting

PPA billing

Cost cutting

Bill validation

Our easy solutions cover it all.

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