Helios can help you to raise funds by selling your PV array

Helios have partnered with a leading Asset Management company to help business owners realise the capital value in their solar systems.

In these uncertain times, many businesses may have unfortunately experienced a downturn in their fortunes.

Helios can help businesses that may need a considerable and quick cash injection in to their business by purchasing their solar system from them at market leading rates.

Robert Harley, Director of Helios said “the economic impact on many businesses due to the Covid-19 outbreak will be hard felt. Hopefully we may be able to help to soften the blow to hard hit businesses by purchasing their PV system from them, but with the customer still being able to benefit from cheaper, green electricity from the system they wisely had installed just a few years previously”.

Contact Helios now on 01525 632238 and discover how much you can sell your PV system for today.

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