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Helios working with industry leaders to improve fire safety of PV systems

A recent report by the BRE in to the main causes of solar related fires identified mismatched and incorrectly installed DC connectors as one of the main causes of solar PV related fires.


Helios leading development of UK’s first Rooftop PV O&M Best Practice Guidelines

Helios have been working together with Wise Energy, Ecovision Asset Management, PSH Operations, the MCS and the Solar Trade Association in the development of the UK’s first Rooftop O&M Best Practice Guidelines.


Helios leading the UK solar market in applying correct temperature water

Helios conducted two experiments on the temperature of solar panels on the UK’s hottest day of the year when the thermometer reached 32.5°C.


Helios can help you to raise funds by selling your PV array

Helios have partnered with a leading Asset Management company to help business owners realise the capital value in their solar systems.


Ofgem audits – What you need to know

Helios have discovered that the frequency of Ofgem audits on Solar installations has increased, especially for companies that have had their PV systems installed by installers that have now gone out of business.

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