Anyone for chicken?


Helios were contacted by RenEnergy regarding the cleaning of 43 sites for one of the UK’s largest suppliers of chicken.

The systems varied in size from 50kWp to 250kWp, had never been cleaned in 7 years and were affected by lichen growth.

One of the worst affected sites can be seen below

Chicken Farm | Solar Panel Cleaning | Helios OM

Helios were asked if we were prepared to clean a trial site for the customer- which we agreed to. In fact, we suggested that we attempt the worst affected site as by cleaning this effectively, it would prove to the customer that Helios could competently clean all of the sites.

To start with, to clean the lichen from the solar panels effectively Helios needed to pre-treat the panels with a biocide that would kill the lichen. This came in concentrate form and was able to be mixed to the correct ratio to clean lichen from the solar panels by Helios’ purifying water system.

This mixture was then pumped to Helios’ specially designed solar panel cleaning robot for dispersal over the panels where it had to be left for a minimum of 3-4 weeks for the biocide to work effectively.

Four weeks later, Helios returned to site and proceeded with removing the lichen covering the solar panels.

Chicken farm | Solar Panel cleaning | Helios OM

Mid clean

Chicken farm | Solar Panel cleaning | Helios OM

Cleaning lichen from solar panels

Below are the finished results!

Chicken farm | Solar Panel cleaning | Helios OM

If you think that Helios can help you with your solar panel cleaning requirements, contact Helios today on 01525 632238 to discover how to effectively clean lichen from your solar panels for a sensible price.

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