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    An energy system 100% based on renewables has emerged to become scientific mainstream. 15 leading universities suggest a new fully renewable system could be achieved by or before 2050.

    REMINDER: There’s an increased risk from rockfalls due to the heatwave. Take care & stay away from cliff edges when visiting coastlines around the UK.

    BGS’ Vanessa Banks speaks with the @Independent & gives an insight into how these rockfalls can occur:

    It is important that your #solarPV system is clean & well maintained for maximum efficiency & safety during periods of high temperatures. Most panels function optimally at around 25°C, however, if temperatures are elevated for long, it can reduce energy output.
    #renewables #solar

    Thunderstorm warnings have been issued as the #heatwave draws to a close with a thundery mix from late on Sunday into the early part of next week.

    Find out more in our latest news release.

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