Solar Panel Cleaning


When you choose Helios to carry out your professional solar panel cleaning, you will feel confident that your panels are being cleaned by the UK’s premier solar panel cleaning experts.


Helios use only the world’s finest equipment to clean your solar panels and take pride in using the industry’s market leading specialist solar panel cleaning robot, the SolarCleano.


The SolarCleano robot allows Helios to thoroughly clean up to 4,000 panels per day in a safe and efficient manner, which means that you will receive both market leading service levels and pricing when you choose Helios to carry out your solar panel cleaning.


After we clean your panels, Helios will provide you with a written report, including photographs, on the condition of your solar array within seven calendar days together with any observations and recommendations for the future cleaning and/or maintenance of your PV system.

Solar panel Maintenance

Solar Panel Cleaning by Helios? Good Call!




How we manage

The Water


The water that Helios use on your panels is fed by our temperature controlled purified water system that enables us to adapt the water temperature that we use on your panels to within 15° of the specific hourly temperature of your solar panels.


This is vitally important so that you do not invalidate the warranties on many brands of solar panels, which specify that cleaning should be carried out early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid thermal shock from the contraction of the glass or the framing of your panels when cold water is applied to them.


Thermal shock can cause your panels to crack, thereby invalidating warranties and creating additional health and safety risks.


During a recent study by Helios on panels that were at 67°C, with the ambient temperature of tap water at 18°C, cracking was evidenced whilst filming the test.


Check your current supplier’s cleaning report and their method statements to see if they have been cleaning your panels correctly. Or have they been invalidating your important warranties?


If your current solar panel cleaning provider does not provide this important service, call Helios today and discover the correct way of increasing the longevity of your solar system.

Ground mounted panels

Solar farms

Solar Farm | Panel cleaning

For larger sized ground mounted systems over 1MW (approximately 4,000 panels), it is usually more cost effective to employ a specialist solar farm contractor to clean the panels.

Helios will be pleased to recommend to you a nationwide provider of specialist ground mounted solar panel cleaning services, who use the market leading German manufactured “Sunbrush” to clean these larger arrays.

Call us today on 01525 664665 and we’ll be pleased to help you with your enquiry.

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